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While living in Hawaii I adopted my puppy Haleakala (Kala for short). Kala was a wild one. She loved playing in the ocean and rolling around in the sand. It was her mission to get as dirty as possible. 

Like other adopted animals Kala suffered from anxiety and the only way I could calm her was to hold her close to my body. Big crowds were out of the question and I found myself carrying her more often than not.


I created Kala Karrier because there wasn’t anything like it on the market. I wanted a thoughtfully designed, dog bag that could get dirty, wet, and was designed to sooth Kala at the same time. An outdoor bag that was not only functional but looked good too. 


Thus Kala Karrier was born. Kala Karrier is patent approved and the first product brought to you by Kala & Ko. 

In 2020 my sister and I founded Kala & Ko on the belief that your dog accessories should be an extension of you. Our mission is to provide thoughtfully curated products for the adventurous, on-trend dog owner. We thank you for supporting us and hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. 




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